“Evolution Through Education and Exposure”

Vaping Convention Circuit was formed in 2013 by Kevin E. Skipper with the purpose of educating the general public as to the benefits of ecigarettes as nicotine delivery devices as compared to traditional tobacco products, as well as exposing the public and other vendors to the variety of quality products available to vapers.

Kevin’s vision is to introduce as many tobacco users as possible to vaping as a viable alternative. In April 2014, Kevin spearheaded the formation of VISTA Truth Inc., a non-profit based in Florida composed of common sense vaping industry businesses advocating for common sense legislation on a state by state basis.  As the organization’s inaugural President, Kevin’s goal is to have a lobbyist in every state capitol.

Meet our Team
Kevin E. Skipper

813.867.7257 admin @ vapingcc.com

Georgi Trifonov
Event Management Analyst

813.867.7257 gpt @ vapingcc.com

It is my belief that we can make a difference in millions of lives…education and exposure is the key. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, it’s going to just sit there being great. Vape on!

Kevin E. Skipper
Owner, VCC