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Sponsor & Vendor opportunities available, please complete the Sponsor/Vendor Inquiry form here…also, if any vendor/manufacturer has a product they’d like to launch at VCCNE2014, please indicate such on the form.

VCCNE2014  is scheduled for June 28-29, 2014 at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA!  VCC is excited to bring New England its first Vaping & eCigarette convention!  Check out the event page for more info (potential vendors and sponsors, contact us for details!) or join the Facebook event page for updates…

March 23, 2014:  VCC is proud to announce that VCCNE2014 will be co-presented by Vaping Convention Circuit and NicVape! Thanks to Linc Williams and everyone at NicVape for their support! Visit www.nicvape.com for more information on their products!

April 8, 2014:  VCCNE2014 Announces Mr. Gregory Conley of The Heartland Institute as Special Guest / Welcome Speaker

Stay tuned for more information on VCC events coming to a city near you!!

Kevin E. Skipper,
Vaping Convention Circuit 


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VCC’s Goal is Threefold:

1. To expose vapers and tobacco users (potential vapers) to the excellent products of vendors from all over the USA and around the world;

2. Educate the public and elected policy makers as to the benefits of vaping and ecigarettes compared to using tobacco;

3. Allow vendors to sell their products to other vendors and conference attendees (vendors always keep 100% of their sales from the conventions) thereby sharing the wealth of awesome products and knowledge!

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